Simple Human Compassion book cover

Simple Human Compassion

Where do you turn if someone you know is facing the greatest crisis life can present? They may not be terminally ill but you have an uneasy feeling about what is happening. There are so many uncertainties when what has been relied upon all of your life isn’t working; curative medicine. The end of life is different; touch not technology is needed.  


In “Simple Human Compassion” you’ll discover:


  • How pets are included in the plan of care.
  • The myriad of locations where hospice care may be provided.
  • Dementia-related illnesses are also included in the hospice philosophy of care.
  • When hospice care is accepted soon enough normalcy will return to life as much as the disease allows; including weddings.


Even if an end-of-life crisis is not in you immediate future it is good to know that informed choices are available. Very few medical terms are used in this book because hospice is not medical. Hospice is stories, hospice is life. This highly anticipated book is already stirring people to reconsider their perception of the last stage of life.


This is a brilliant, heart-warming, and insightful book full of stories from his experiences as a Hospice Volunteer and as a Hospice Patient-Contact Volunteer, as well as from memories that were shared with him by family members that had a loved one that was cared for in Hospice. This book highlights the care and compassion that Hospice offers to the dying and their family members. 

Maureen P. Keeley, Ph.D.
Professor of Communication
Texas State University