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Why do some people contact hospice when a family member is in a serious medical crisis and some people don't? Is it the fear of the unknown What happens if you call hospice? What does hospice care actually involve, anyway?
  • Food plays an important part in hospice care, but not necessarily for nourishment.
  • Family pets are included in the plan of care for the person on hospice service.
  • Humor is used quite often in hospice care.
  • The person and their family are actually in charge of their hospice care.
  • Every hospice is mandated by Medicare to have volunteers.
Rick Schneider has a manner of talking to the reader in a way that removes the apprehension of the word "hospice". This book, like hospice itself, is unique. As he reader walks into its pages they soon learn that the title, a quote from a person on hospice service, perfectly describes the common sense of hospice care.
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That’s Good
"This book is great in
describing the different
roles and misconceptions
of hospice. It truly is a must ..."
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5.0 out of 5 stars
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"I love the short heartfelt stories. It is an easy read. ...."
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This is a great book for anyone who has concerns about calling Hospice
"Very inspiring and informational!"